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Post Operative Instructions:

Incision Care: Change the waterproof bandage cradle when soiled, damp, or no longer adheres well to the skin ( ~ every 4-5 days). Be careful when removing these to not pull the out the microlead. When placing the new bandage, make sure that no part of the adhesive touches the mircolead or connector. Make sure the pulse generator is snapped onto the mounting pad. Pad must be in contact with your skin. Replace and recharge the battery when remote shows 1 bar or daily to be sure it will not run out. Review the Changing the Bandage and Cradle section on pg.10 of the Quick Start Guide.

Bathing: You may shower, but no baths or soaking of the site in water. Always remove the pulse generator (stimulator) and mounting pad when showering but keep the waterproof bandage over the exit site.

Restrictions: Limit strenuous activity and motion (such as twisting, bending, sitting, or climbing) near the implant site for at least one week.
You may resume exercise and/or physical therapy when directed by your physician.

No MRI during the 60 day treatment.

Exercise: Limit strenuous activity and motion (twisting, bending, climbing, lifting) near the implant site for at least one week.

Driving: Do not use the system while driving, operating machinery, or during any activity in which sudden muscle tension may put you at risk for injury.

Diet: Eat a healthy diet to promote healing.

Smoking: Avoid smoking. Smoking decreases the rate of bone and skin healing and also interferes with the effectiveness of pain medication.

Follow-Up: You will have a postoperative appointment 5-10 days after the procedure.

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