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The distress of having cancer is even worse when you also have to deal with chronic and often severe pain. If you have cancer and you're struggling to manage your pain, the Michigan Pain Specialists team can help. At the locations in Ypsilanti and Adrian, Michigan, the compassionate team members use advanced techniques such as neurolytic procedures, implantable cancer pain pumps, and neuromodulation to reduce pain caused by cancer or its treatment. Call Michigan Pain Specialists for more information or book an appointment online today.

Cancer Pain Q & A

What is cancer pain?

Cancer pain may be acute (sudden and short-lived) or chronic (persisting for months or years). The growing tumor can be painful, and as the mass gets larger, it can press on the nerves, organs, and bones nearby.

Cancer treatments can also cause pain. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy are effective ways of killing cancer cells using medication and radiation, but both damage your immune system and worsen the pain. Vital cancer surgery also causes varying degrees of pain.

The Michigan Pain Specialists team offers several advanced treatments to help manage your cancer pain.

How do intrathecal infusion pumps help with cancer pain?

Intrathecal infusion pumps or cancer pain pumps are implantable devices. The pump is about the size of a hockey puck, and there's a catheter (slim tube) going from the pump into your spinal fluid.

This fluid bathes your spinal cord and nerves in your spine. The catheter delivers medication into the spinal fluid that works to block your cancer pain. Your provider at Michigan Pain Specialists can combine several medications to provide different types of pain relief, including:

  • Morphine and Dilaudid (potent opioids)
  • Clonidine (blood vessel relaxant)
  • Baclofen (muscle relaxant)
  • Bupivacaine (local anesthetic)

Pain pumps are more efficient and effective than oral medications when you have cancer pain.

What other treatments are there for cancer pain?

The Michigan Pain Specialists team has particular skills in delivering two other types of cancer pain treatment:

Neurolytic procedures

Neurolytic procedures damage the nerves that conduct pain. They aren't suitable for treating all cancers but are an excellent option for many. Pain caused by cancer of the pancreas and adrenal glands, for example, is treatable using a celiac plexus blockade and neurolysis.


Neuromodulation is a technique that can help with many types of chronic pain. It involves having an implant similar to a pain pump. But rather than delivering medication, neuromodulation devices use electrical impulses.

These impulses disrupt communication between pain nerves in your spine and your brain. Spinal cord stimulation and peripheral nerve stimulation are examples of neuromodulation therapies.

The doctors at Michigan Pain Specialists are unique. They see patients who can't get help at other pain clinics and hospitals. If you’re experiencing cancer pain, the team can help you when no one else can.

Find out more about the latest advances in cancer pain treatment by calling Michigan Pain Specialists today or book an appointment online.