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If you live with chronic back pain due to a compression fracture of a vertebra, you might benefit from kyphoplasty. The pain management experts offer this minimally invasive procedure at Michigan Pain Specialists in Ypsilanti and Adrian, Michigan. Call the practice or schedule a consultation at either office online today for patient-focused care and innovative treatments to relieve back pain.

Kyphoplasty Q & A

What is kyphoplasty?

Kyphoplasty is a minimally invasive procedure to repair and restore vertebrae damaged by compression fractures. Sometimes called balloon vertebroplasty, this procedure fills a damaged vertebra with surgical cement creating stability and relieving pain.

Why would I need kyphoplasty?

The Michigan Pain Specialists team uses kyphoplasty to repair compression fractures in your spine. Compression fractures often occur when your vertebrae are weakened by osteoporosis or cancer. 

While kyphoplasty repairs spinal compression fractures, it isn’t a preventive treatment. The team can’t perform the procedure to address spinal osteoporosis or other weaknesses. However, if you have chronic back pain and osteoporosis, it’s worth talking to the team.

What happens during kyphoplasty?

The physicians at Michigan Pain Specialists can perform kyphoplasty in approximately an hour. However, if they treat more than one vertebrae, your surgery could take a little longer.

The team begins by taking X-rays to confirm which vertebra needs repair. Then, they give you intravenous anesthesia and clean your back. 

Once you are comfortably asleep, your physician uses X-ray guidance to insert a hollow needle into the damaged vertebrae. They insert and inflate a small surgical balloon in the bone. This step restores the shape of your vertebrae and creates space for the cement.

Next, your physician injects the surgical cement into the vertebrae. The X-ray allows them to distribute the cement evenly and see when your bone is full. 

After filling your vertebrae, your doctor removes the needle and bandages the injection site. You don’t even need stitches to close the surgical site. 

What should I expect after kyphoplasty?

After your procedure, you spend a short time in a recovery room while your anesthesia wears off and the surgical cement sets. You will need to get up and walk around before your physician releases you to go home. 

You will have some tenderness after the procedure, but the pain caused by the compression fracture should disappear. Your doctor provides personalized aftercare instructions, including recommendations for returning to work and your other regular activities. 

Call Michigan Pain Specialists or make an appointment online today for expert treatments such as kyphoplasty for back pain due to spinal compression fractures.