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Minuteman Procedure

Minuteman is a minimally invasive, out-patient fusion.

It locks together the spinous processes of two vertebra in order to create stability. The result is to improve the space for the nerves in the spinal canal. It is innovative and can help patients with many diseases of the lumbar spine, most notably spinal stenosis with neurogenic claudication. Minuteman helps these patients feel as good when they stand and walk as they do when sitting. 


Please watch the video above to understand the technical aspects of the procedure, so you can discuss them with your Michigan Pain Specialists provider. Please understand this is a surgery and soreness from healing is normal, even for weeks after the surgery. 

Minuteman - Post Operative Instructions

Home Care:

  • Arrange your house to make items within reach

  • Remove trip hazards, electric cords, rugs, etc

  • Use a walker  or handrails  until you feel strong and balanced

  • Use chairs with arms. The arms make it easier to lift off to stand.

  • Do not stay in bed all day, you need to be up to avoid blood clots.


Incision Care: If there is a dressing, you may remove it on the morning after surgery BEFORE you shower. If surgical glue is used expect it will slowly peel off within 14 days. Please call us with any changes or concerns such as:

  • redness

  • swelling or drainage at incision site

  • temperature greater than 101°

  • Clear liquid drainage in the first 24 hours is normal.

Bathing: You may shower the morning or afternoon after surgery after the dressing is removed; avoid scrubbing the incision site for the first 5 days. No baths or swimming until approved by the physician or physician assistant at your follow up appointment.


Restrictions: Limit bending, lifting, twisting and any strenuous activity such as running, golfing, tennis, or sexual activity for 2 weeks.

  • No extreme flexion (bending) or twisting

  • Avoid lifting more than 5 pounds

  • Avoid sudden movements

  • Do not sit for more than 45 minutes at a time for the first week


Exercise: After 3 days you may increase your light activity, such as walking, as tolerated. Frequent short walks are good for recovery


Driving: You may drive 10 days after the procedure if you feel okay to do so.  Do not drive if you are taking pain medications.


Brace: A back brace will only be prescribed to patient who need them, and it is not routine


Diet: Eat a healthy diet to promote healing.  


Smoking: No smoking.  Smoking can stop the bone healing needed to heal from this surgery. 


  • Take your medicines as prescribed

  • No NSAIDS (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications) for 2 months. They stop bone from healing.


Follow-Up: You will have a post-operative appointment approximately 14 days after surgery.  

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