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Cancer Pain

Cancer pain is unique and can be devastating. Because every patient’s situation is special, information is the most powerful tool when helping us address your specific needs. To help us cater a treatment program for you, we ask that you please bring as much documentation as possible to your consult. This includes any/all imaging relevant to your case (a disc of your images can be obtained by contacting the facility where you had an MRI or CT completed); any reports or consultations from other physicians and specialists pertaining to this case; a list of all current medications, especially noting any blood thinners.


Once we have all the information you can give us, we will go to work developing an action plan to help you deal with your pain.


Below are 3 common treatments for tackling pain caused by cancer.


1. Pain Pumps (also called Intrathecal Infusion Pumps)

This option is an implanted pump that delivers pain medication directly to the spinal cord. Many medications can be used in this pump. Morphine, dilaudid, clonidine, baclofen, and bupivacaine (a local anesthetic) are the most common. All of these medications are used for different purposes to give different types of pain relief. For cancer pain, it is common to use a combination of these medications in a mix rather than just one alone. Medications will be tailored to each specific patient and can be adjusted or changed as needed. Our doctors have a comprehensive knowledge of these devices and the methods to manage these complex levels of medications.


2. Neurolytic Procedures

By definition, neurolysis is the destruction of nerve tissue. When we alter the nerve tissue associated with your region of pain we block the nerves from sending pain signals to the brain, therefore eliminating it. This is not possible for all cancers, but is an excellent option and when successful, the pain relief can be impressive. Neurolytic procedures do carry some risk but Michigan Pain Specialists are well practiced in these techniques. Please talk to one of our doctors for a more in-depth understanding of this option.


3. Neuromodulation of Cancer Pain

Just like non-malignant pain, we are able to tune down your nervous system with spinal cord stimulators and provide some relief from cancer pain. See the treatment section called Spinal Cord Stimulation for more information.


Our providers and clinic are unique. Our niche is to help those patients that are told they cannot be helped by other pain clinics and hospitals. We seek to help when you feel that no one can.

When things seem impossible, let us show you what is possible.

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