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Cancer Pain Pump
(Intrathecal Pump)

An Intrathecal Pump (aka Spinal Pump, Cancer Pain Pump) is a implanted device that is is a computer with a reservoir of medications that is infused directly into the spinal fluid. This bathes the spinal cord and nerves that conduct and process pain. These medications are tailored by your Michigan Pain Specialists doctor to be unique to your needs. These pumps house a computer brain that is highly programmable to allow for many different programs, such as rates changing by time of day and night and extra dosing. There is a lot to learn on this subject because it is a very different treatment depending on whether the pain is from cancer or non-maliganat pain. The surgery to implant this device is similar to a pacemaker implant, which is tolerated well by most patients. The most common Intrathecal Pumps are MRI safe (ask our doctors). The medication is injected into the pump with ultrasound guidance, and must be refilled every 6 months. This may be more often at high infusion rates. One of our doctors was part of the original research for evaluating intrathecal pumps for cancer pain outcomes which showed:

1. Live months longer

2. Less medication side effects

3. Lower pain levels

Here is the full text article of that research.

Here is a link to the Medtronic Intrathecal Pump for more information.

Also here is the manufacturer's information on what to expect.

Our doctors are dedicate to the relief of cancer pain. To really understand about this treatment you need to have a consultation with one of our doctors. 

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