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Femoral and Obturator Radiofrequency (RFA)
for Hip Pain


The Femoral Nerve and Obturator Nerves both are common causes of hip pain. This pain can be improved by ablating these nerves with radiofrequency ablation. The procedure is for patients experiencing pain from the hip joint that other injections have not helped. It is done by injection technique with no surgery and no incision. 


There are 2 procedures that are required:

Femoral Nerve and Obturator Nerve Block

Your provider will use a fluoroscopy x-ray unit to accurately guide needles to these nerves. Using local anesthetic, he or she will then bathe the nerves with a local anesthetic. Afterwards you will fill out a pain diary to give your provider feedback about your pain relief from the procedure. 

Femoral and Obturator Nerve Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA)

Your doctor will use a fluoroscopy x-ray unit to accurately guide needles to these nerves. These nerves are dosed with lidocaine, ablated, and coagulated to relieve pain from your hip. After this procedure you may have some soreness for just a few days and this is expected. 


One of the most common questions patients ask about all RFA ablation procedures is "How long will this last?" Many factors affect the outcome of these procedures. Over-all health, age, and metabolism are just a few. Every patient is unique, and your provider can help you understand how these factors will play into your recovery.

This procedure can be repeated as needed to provide relief once the pain returns. There is no limit to how many times the RFA can be done. 

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