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RACZ Procedure

The RACZ procedure is an advanced form of an epidural steroid Injection.  It involves a slightly larger width needle in which a micro-tubing is inserted. This allows your physician to guide the tubing tip to your exact painful area. It is similar to a standard epidural procedure, but this process also breaks up surgical scarring with fluid pressure.


During Procedure: The patient is positioned face down on the x-ray table.  The location of injection is prepped with a sterilizing soap. Local anesthesia is injected to numb the treatment area.


X-ray guidance is always used for this procedure.


Anesthesia: This procedure is usually done while awake with local anesthesia.  Some patients choose conscious sedated, if warranted.


Procedure: The procedure is done by your physician assisted by the nurse and x-ray guidance technician. Within just a few minutes- the area is prepped, the medication is injected and tubing is removed. The medication injected is a steroid, but your physician may add other medicines based on your unique needs.


Recovery: You will remain in recovery for at least 20 minutes but may be longer in the case of sedation being used.

Racz Catheter animation image.
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