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Vertiflex - Post Operative Instructions

Incision Care:   Dressing may be removed 24 hours after surgery. If used, surgical glue will come off within 14 days.  Please call us with any changes or concerns such as: redness, swelling or drainage at incision site, or temperature greater than 101°.                                                          


Bathing:   You may shower the day after surgery; avoid scrubbing the incision site for 72 hours. No baths or swimming until approved by the physician or physician assistant at your follow up appointment.



For 2 weeks after surgery:

  • No strenuous activity

  • No lifting greater than 10lbs


Exercise:   Increase your light activity, such as walking, as tolerated.

Medications:   The day of surgery your doctor may prescribe medications, antibiotics and pain medications and give you directions. Also if you are on chronic blood thinners, they are restarted after the surgery and your doctor will tell you the proper number of hours after which you need to restart them.


Driving:  You may drive the day after the procedure if you feel okay to do so.  Do not drive if you are taking pain medications.


Diet:    Eat a healthy diet to promote healing.  



Smoking:   Avoid smoking.  Smoking decreases the rate of bone and skin healing and also interferes with the effectiveness of pain medication.


Follow-Up:   You may experience soreness of the hips for up to 7 days due to changes in your posture postoperatively, including hip and shoulder soreness from changes in your new upright standing.  You will have a post-operative appointment approximately 14- 16 days after surgery.  


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our office at 734-547-4860.

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